The Most Effective Shortcuts Learned From Spending 50+ Million USD on Google AdWords

AdWords Profit Shortcuts is an online course teaching the most effective hacks learned from spending $50M+ in ad budget, running hundreds of AdWords experiments and analyzing millions of clicks.

Decrease your cost per click by up to 90%. Increase your optimization speed by 2x – 3x. Maximize Profitability by fine-tuning your AdWords settings.

Hack the quality score, buy clicks cheaper than your competition. Buy profitable mobile traffic for pennies. Eliminate junk traffic on the display network.

This course is not about AdWords basics. It’s designed to teach you the most effective shortcuts to increase profits while minimizing optimization time.

How To Thrive On The Internet’s Most Competitive Search Network

Part 1 covers shortcuts for the AdWords search network.

The power of the search network also means that you’re up against stiff competition. The cost per click on the AdWords search network is among the highest on the internet.

Small mistakes can waste thousands of dollars quickly. Tiny tweaks in your settings can make you thousands of dollars.

  • How To Cut Unprofitable Keywords 5x – 10x Faster (And Save Thousands of Dollars)
  • Some Advertisers Pay $90+ Per Click – Here’s How To Avoid The Stupidity Tax
  • Hacking The AdWords Quality Score: How To Get Clicks Cheaper Than Your Competition
  • Why Search Query Reports Are A Goldmine (And Why Most Advertisers Don’t Use Them Properly)
  • The #1 Underused AdWords Feature To Spy On Your Competitors
  • How To Analyze and Maximize Profitability Using AdWords Network Settings
  • What Google Isn’t Telling You About The Impact of Ad Extensions on Profits

How To Buy Laser-Targeted Traffic For Pennies Per Click

Part 2 covers AdWords Display Network shortcuts.

The display network has huge profit potential for advertisers since cost per clicks are cheap.

With the right targeting and optimization hacks you are buying medium to high quality traffic at low cost per clicks.

  • How To Buy Highly Targeted Display Clicks For Pennies
  • A Nifty Strategy To Create Super High Performing Display Ads
  • The Quickest Way To Save Thousands of Dollars On The Display Network
  • Advanced Tweaks To Increase Traffic And Decrease Cost Per Click On The Display Network
  • How To Double Or Triple Your Optimization Speed On The Display Network
  • How To Fine-Tune Your Display Targeting For Maximum Performance
  • How To Increase Profitability By Only Targeting Your Customer Profile (Demographics)

AdWords Fine-Tuning: Little Tweaks To Maximize Profit

Part 3 covers AdWords settings and tweaks.

AdWords makes it super easy for advertisers to get started. But the default AdWords settings are almost never ideal to maximize profits.

There are dozens of little tweaks that can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

  • Why Advanced Advertisers Only Use These Two Bid Strategies
  • Little-Known Tweaks To Optimize Your Location Targeting
  • The Best Ad Delivery Setting For Maximizing Traffic and Profit
  • Why Most Advertisers Don’t Split Test Properly And How To Fix It

How To Find Profit Leaks And Hidden Opportunities

Part 4 covers AdWords report and analysis shortcuts.

AdWords offers more reports and ways to analyse your data than any other major ad platform.

If you know which reports to use and what data to look at you can easily optimize the performance of your ads.

  • How To Find And Target The Best Performing Geographic Locations In Your Campaigns
  • A Quick and Easy Strategy To Make Your Mobile Traffic More Profitable
  • How To Find The Best Performing Days Of The Week And Hours Of The Day
  • The Power Of Google AdWords Campaign Experiments (Highly Underused By Almost All Marketers)
  • How To Put Google AdWords Reports On Steroids

The Power Of Google Analytics For Advanced Advertisers

Part 5 covers AdWords Optimization Using Google Analytics.

Very few advertisers use the full potential of Google Analytics to optimize their AdWords campaigns.

Google Analytics offers powerful reports and data that is not available in Google AdWords.

Additionally, there are ways to perform the same analyses in Google Analytics much faster than in AdWords.

  • How To Create Advanced Remarketing Lists Using Google Analytics
  • How To Supercharge Your Advertising Strategy Using Attribution Modeling
  • How To Speed Up Your Keyword Optimization Using Google Analytics
  • The #1 Optimization Hack For Display Placements
  • Why Your Website Is Leaking Sales And How To Fix It
  • The #1 Strategy To Save Hundreds of Hours in Google Analytics

BONUS I: AdWords Account Review ($497 Value)

Limited Bonus: get a free review of your AdWords account.

Stefan will personally review your AdWords account and send you a list of action points to make your campaigns more profitable.

Your AdWords review includes a full list of recommendations and action points.

Action points are prioritized based on the potential to increase the profitability of your AdWords campaigns.

The regular price for an AdWords review is $497.

BONUS II: The Art of High-Performing Banner Design

Very few advertisers master the art of creating high-performing banner designs.

Yet banner design is one of the most important aspects in order to buy inexpensive, qualified traffic on the display network.

This bonus tutorial will teach you how to create high-performing banner designs.

It goes into detail on the do’s and don’ts of banner design, performance factors as well as examples from million dollar advertisers.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee + $500 Profit Guarantee

This product is all about generating more profit from your advertising in less time.

So here are two different guarantees for you:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you feel like the product isn’t right for you, just let us know and we’ll refund your purchase any time within the first 30 days.

$500 Profit Guarantee
If you haven’t generated at least $500 in additional profit by using the AdWords shortcuts, we’ll happily refund your money. To qualify for this guarantee you need to have conversion tracking setup and your monthly AdWords budget must be $1,000 or higher. This guarantee is valid for 60 days after your purchase.

About The Author

My name is Stefan Maescher.

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My advertising case studies have been featured on sites like Business Insider, Huffington Post and

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